If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old.


How we are different

We aren’t the biggest solar company in Australia, nor do we want to be. We are a reputable organisation that partners up with companies and homeowners to empower and educate them to become conscious consumers.

We believe we have a great responsibility in today’s world to run an authentic company and reach as many people as we can to share the true benefits of moving to renewable energy.

In an over saturated market, we feel it is paramount to run a business built on integrity and genuine intentions.

We don’t sell cheap products, we don’t overpromise, we align ourselves with manufacturers and suppliers that provide high quality, technically superior and trusted brands.

Our retail and installation teams, as well as those we partner up with, are dedicated, qualified and genuinely invested in the work they do.

We have made it our mission to play an active role in helping the world evolve and move solely to sustainable energy, and you can help by becoming a conscious consumer and paying it forward.


Passing on the power

Not only do we educate and empower our staff and clients about the true benefits of renewable energy; our internal processes, business practices and all interactions are built on a strong foundation of ethics and sustainability.

We also support and align ourselves with a number of movements and organisations who share the same vision of a brighter future to further increase our impact and positive footprint.


How you can be a conscious consumer TODAY:

Switch your browser to Ecosia

Ecosia is a search engine that donates 80% or more of its profits to nonprofit organizations that focus on reforestation.

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