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Commercial Solar

Commercial Solar Australia With Expert Installation

A solar system on your business can be cashflow positive

Core Competencies

Commercial PV Solar

EV charging supply & installation

Battery supply & installation

Multisite roll outs

30KW-1MW single site install

National Capacity

Start Reducing Your Carbon Footprint Today!

We are proud to be running a company that exists to help reduce the need for carbon emitting fossil fuels such as coal and gas. To us, we think every company should install commercial solar Melbourne wide – why wouldn’t you? It not only saves you money and boosts your corporate social responsibility, but future generations depend on it. It is a simple exercise to undertake a commercial solar installation Melbourne and the time is now, if not yesterday.

Our years of experience and industry insight influence the way we do and will always run our business – with transparency, honesty and professionalism.

Industries we work with:

Commercial & Industrial


Health Care


Retail & Hospitality

& More



1. Feasibility Assessment

We listen to what you need.

You get to know us and we get to know you. Together, we assess your business objectives, both financial and social responsibility and we empower you to make an informed decision about the best system for your requirements.

2. Proposal

All your questions answered.

We will provide you with a fully customised proposal document that clearly states how your individual needs will be met including system yield, payback periods, NPV analysis, investment return and positive environmental impact analysis.

3. Acceptance

You’ve decided to be a conscious consumer.

Once you are confident with making this financial and
ethical investment, we will finalise the appropriate finance solution for you, whether this be upfront, rental, chattel mortgage or PPA, and prepare a project outline and timeline that is convenient for both of us.

4. Design & Engineering

A tailored designed system for your premises.

Our trusted engineers will design the configuration of your system to enhance and optimise performance thereby maximising the return on your investment. All systems are also designed battery ready for future expansion.

5. Installation

Promptly, we mount and connect the system.

Our CEC accredited and experienced electricians will install your system within a prompt timeframe. With a great sense of professionalism on site, we will provide a high standard installation that is immaculate in design and quality.

6. Customer Handover

The power is in your hands.

After installation and connection, one of our team members will run you through the system and you will be provided a detailed user manual. You will also be fully equipped with a monitoring system that will give you a comprehensive snapshot of your solar production and site consumption.

7. Ongoing Support & Maintenance

Trust in a long-term relationship.

You can have absolute confidence that the trusted relationship we have created since our first interaction is still as solid after handover. Not only will you be guaranteed extended warranties, we insist you contact us anytime if you have any queries.

8. Benefit

You’ll only wish you did it sooner.

You can now boast, corporate social responsibility, a reduced carbon footprint, a high return on investment, transformed an expense to an asset and partnered up with a company who supports global warming movements and charities.


  • In-house installers
  • In-house Project Management (with electrician)
  • Long term supplier relationships
  • National relationships

Industry Insight

  • 10 years contracting for different companies (boutique, large scale, high volume, small, large etc.)
  • Depth of product knowledge
  • Project management efficiencies


  • Driven by sustainability
  • Financially support charitable organisations (Half Cut)
  • Support Daintree Reforestation


  • Managing Director is a qualified electrician
  • CEC accredited since ‘08
  • 20 years electrical experience
  • 14 years solar experience
  • 1000’s of installations nationwide

We provide in-depth solutions tailored to your business needs.