I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power!


About Us

A conscious choice

We are a family business, and each working day we educate and empower businesses and homeowners to be conscious consumers. In our lifetime we want to play an active role in achieving our collective vision to see the world evolve and move solely to sustainable energy.

Operating since 2012, predominantly contracting to other companies, we have organically grown with the industry and have recently expanded developing a dedicated retail division.

After working for a number of different companies, installing solar on 1000’s of businesses and homes, we have had the opportunity to gain some incredible insight into the industry. We have experienced firsthand, the issues that come with certain products, the detrimental effects of over promising, null and voided warranties and the importance of two-way communication.

We have a clear direction and our years of experience influence the way we do and will always run our business – with transparency, honesty and professionalism.

We have a passion to make a difference

We have always enjoyed working within the solar industry and been very proud of the work and service we deliver. As our organisation has grown exponentially so has our interest in what we see as the most prevalent and important part of the industry, supporting the renewable energy movement.

Inspired deeply by documentaries like 2040, books, videos and global leaders, we have been reignited with a profound passion to make a difference. This is the real reason why we are now selling directly, educating and empowering people like you from the onset.

Expert solar installation

We have extensive experience in installing solar, batteries, off grid and other systems alike, on a number of different industries such as; agricultural, poultry, industrial, warehouses, commercial businesses, schools and universities, retail, food, beverage industry and more.

We can confidently recommend and supply the best quality and reputable renewable energy systems that assist businesses like yours to meet your green credentials and cost reduction goals. After assessing your feasibility, we tailor every system to your individual cost and energy requirements ensuring you are confident with your commitment to sustainable practice.

What is a conscious consumer?

Mindful of how you spend and save money

Aware of your environmental impact

Possess a willingness to embrace change

We see the bigger picture and we are so proud to be in an industry that simply, saves people money and positively impacts future generations.