A conscious choice

Solar Power Melbourne – The Conscious Choice

Welcome to Regen Energy, your resident experts in solar panel installation Melbourne. Operating since 2012, we are a family run business that has organically grown and recently expanded to develop a dedicated retail division. Installing solar systems Melbourne wide provides the team at Regen Energy an opportunity to share the true benefits of switching to renewable energy and educate and inspire our customers along the way. To speak to an authentic company that educates and supplies solar power systems Melbourne, call our dedicated team today on (03) 9769 1249.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Over 99% of the world’s climate scientists agree that the climate is warming as a result of human activities, which have accelerated since the Industrial Revolution.

We can’t change the past, but we can certainly take action now to ensure we have a liveable and thriving planet for our future generations.

It is simple – reduce your reliance on fossil fuels by installing solar today.

Why Choose Us

Align with an ethical company

We exist because we are passionate about the need for renewable energy in the fight against global warming. We educate, empower and inspire our clients as well as support climate movements and charities

Work with qualified electricians

Our Managing Director has been installing solar since 2008, giving you confidence that your system is technically appropriate for your needs. We also have a number of in-house installation teams that are highly trained, professional and passionate electricians.

Reputable high quality products

We only supply and install technically superior and high quality products that are backed with long term warranties. We believe the longevity of a product is paramount as we transition to renewable energy as a country.

Evolve And Move To Solar Panels Melbourne

At Regen Energy, we are confident that a collective increase in solar power Melbourne wide helps to play an active role in fighting climate change. This is why Regen Energy exists – for the bigger picture. After working with solar companies Melbourne wide for many years, installing systems for hundreds of businesses and homes, we have had the opportunity to gain some incredible insight into the solar industry. In an oversaturated market of solar panels Melbourne, we are different – we do not sell cheap products, we provide longstanding warranties and place an importance on communication and education. Many companies are searching for solar for business Melbourne and need a company they can trust. That is Regen Energy, an authentic company that operates with transparency, honesty and professionalism.

Talk To Us About Solar For Business Melbourne

No matter your industry, Regen Energy can assist you with your business solar systems Melbourne. We provide solar power systems Melbourne wide, for industries including agricultural, industrial, commercial, government and educational facilities, retail, and hospitality, and more. Our sales and solar panel installation Melbourne teams, as well as those who we partner up with, are dedicated, qualified, and genuinely invested in the work that we do. With the extensive knowledge and experience that comes with installing solar, batteries, off grid and other solar systems Melbourne, you can trust that as your leading and local supplier of solar for business Melbourne, we won’t over promise then under deliver. Instead, we will always run our business with the utmost transparency, honesty, and professionalism – that is the Regen Energy difference.

The Best Advice On Solar Power Systems Melbourne

Whether you are looking for home or business solar power Melbourne, the team at Regen Energy can confidently recommend and then supply you with high quality and reputable renewable energy systems and solar panels Melbourne, that can help your business to meet green credentials, while reducing your energy costs. We start by assessing your feasibility, then we will tailor a system to meet all your requirements. With clear direction and exceptional communication, we are so proud to be in an industry that positively impacts our future, through solar panel installation Melbourne. For expert advice and so much more, call our team today on (03) 9769 1249, and see for yourself why we are one of the most genuine solar companies Melbourne has.

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